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We are the German manufacturer, producer and distributor for Keto foods, Fasting products, as well as Low Carb food (especially LCHF - Low Cab High Fat Food).
KetoMeals sells innovative solutions for the ketogenic diet.
We finally make Keto more versatile, simpler, tastier and suitable for everyday use.
Consumers throughout Europe are among KetoMeals' many satisfied customers.

KetoMeals®: Healthy KETO FOOD!

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Keto Shake Schoko von KetoMeals
Keto Shake Chocolate
KetoMeals® Keto Shake Schoko tastes cold and hot and is less sweet. We deliberately and consistently avoid sugar additives and sweeteners. Instead, we focus on the healthy alternative; the subtle sweetness of natural ingredients such as...
Content 450 Gramm (€5.53 * / 100 Gramm)
€24.90 *
Keto Shake Café Frappé KetoMeals Shop
Keto Shake Café Frappé 2.0
KetoMeals Keto Shake Café Frappé with iced coffee flavour, slightly sweetened with Stevia.
Content 240 Gramm (€6.66 * / 100 Gramm)
From €15.99 *
Keto Soup Tomate Fastensuppe zum Abnehmen mit ketogener Diät, Low Carb Ernährung, Suppenfasten Heilfasten und 16 : 8 Intervallfasten
Keto Soup Tomato
KetoMeals Keto Soup Tomato: Mediterranean tomato cream soup, suitable for low carb, fasting & ketogenic diet. Tastes hot and cold, is a quick easy meal and therefore the ideal keto-food to go.
Content 450 Gramm (€2.22 * / 100 Gramm)
€9.99 * Special discount: €19.99 *
Keto Shake Vanille von KetoMeals
Keto Shake Vanilla 2.0
KetoMeals® Keto Shake Vanilla with keto-friendly Stevia sweeteners. Thanks to the optimized macronutrient distribution and the valuable dietary fiber, including linseed, KetoMeals® Keto Shakes are perfect for ketogenic & low carb diets...
Content 450 Gramm (€5.53 * / 100 Gramm)
€24.90 *
Keto Shake South-Beach Diät Drink zum Abnehmen KetoMeals Shop
Keto Shake South-Beach
KetoMeals Keto Shake South-Beach with mango flavour is our new generation shake. It was developed to optimise your ketogenic or low carb diet and is also suitable as a fasting shake. KetoMeals Keto Shake South Beach: Low Carbohydrate ✓...
Content 0.45 kg (€55.33 * / 1 kg)
€24.90 *
Keto Shakes Probierpaket Fitness Protein Proben Tütchen zum Abnehmen von KetoMeals
Keto Shakes Sample Set 5
Test our Keto Shakes and order our trial pack. The set consists of 5 Keto Shake samples, to mix with almond milk or coconut drink.
Content 75 Gramm (€13.83 * / 100 Gramm)
€10.37 *
Keto Shake Schokolade Chocolate Kakao von KetoMeals
Keto Shake Schoko 2.0
Premium Keto Shake zum kleinen Preis. Unser Keto Shake Schoko 2.0 begeistert durch intensiven Geschmack, perfekte Löslichkeit und optimale Keto Makros. Unterstützt den Körperfett-Abbau Fördert die Gehirnfunktion Entwickelt für Ketogene...
Content 0.24 kg (€66.63 * / 1 kg)
€15.99 *
Keto Shake Erdbeere KetoMeals, Ketogene Lebensmittel, Keto Shop
Keto Shake Erdbeere (Strawberry)
KetoMeals Keto Shake Strawberry with fruity strawberry flavour is our new generation shake. It has been developed to optimise your ketogenic or low carb diet and is also suitable as a fasting shake.
Content 0.24 kg (€66.63 * / 1 kg)
From €15.99 *